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With Kern AI, you can make any LLM (like ChatGPT) more reliable and trustworthy by modelling and integrating your company's data in a way the LLM understands.

We offer the LLM platform with the industry's leading data modeling capabilities.

Example question in the 1st level support of an insurance
A customer asks: How much do we reimburse for bleaching?
Without Kern AI
GenAI with access to your company's internal data
Wrong answer with a "naive RAG"approach

The RAG pipeline ("ChatGPT + your data") fails to identify relevant data, leading to a wrong answer.

There is no information about this in the policy, so this is not covered.
With Kern AI
Kern AI
GenAI with access to your company's internal data via Kern AI
Better answer with our"data-centric RAG"approach

Thanks to enhanced data modeling, the data-centric RAG understands the query on a deeper level and provides the correct answer.

According to §2.3.41 of the insurance policy, teeth whitening measures (TWM) are covered by the insurance up to $500 per year.
  1. 1: §2.3.4 of the insurance policy states: "TWM are covered up to $500 per year."

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Our platform enables you to build trustworthy AI applications. With a data-centric methodology and its ease-of-use, you can build both prototypes and scalable solutions on top of it.