Use case.

Insurance Policies Assistant.

Complex insurance products demand deep knowledge, leading to longer customer service times. This assistant can streamline knowledge-intensive tasks to improve customer service efficiency.

Policy communication automated

Your benefits.

See what's in it for you.

Consolidate all policy information

Enable quick access to detailed knowledge

Instant and precise responses

What you previously had to do.

  • Manual searches through various documents, databases or internal resources to find the relevant information.

  • Further consultations or help may be required for more complex policy queries.

  • Assemble, formulate the policy information to then convey it to the customer, a process that is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

What this task now looks like.

  • Instantly analyze queries and pull the relevant information from an integrated knowledge base.

  • Automatically provide a concise, accurate response that can be relayed to the customer directly or via the representative.

  • Every response is consistent, based on the centralized and up-to-date information in the system.

Train from different data sources.

Data examples.

You can train your Generative AI assistant from different data sources. Here are some examples.


Insurance policies are contracts where the insured pays premiums to an insurer, and in return, the insurer provides financial protection or compensation to the insured for specified events or risks.

Historical support emails

"Historical support emails" are archived email interactions between customers and a company's support team. They're kept for record-keeping, quality assurance, training, dispute resolution, and data analysis to improve customer experience and services.

Effort vs. Business Value

Just like autonomous driving, this use case comes in different levels

The higher the level, the more effort is required to implement the use case, the more business value it brings.

Business value
Quick wins
Major projects
Version 3
Version 2
Small projects
Version 1
Time wasters
Version 0
  1. Version 0

    You share a few documents with us, and we'll share a running trial with you that integrates your data.

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  2. Version 1
    Standalone, scoped web interface

    The AI assistant is connected to a few tariffs which previously were defined as one scope of the full use case. Users can chat with the assistant in the web, e.g. by logging into the system with their own credentials.

  3. Version 2
    Standalone, extensive web interface

    The AI assistant is still available via web, but now is connected to more and more data sources.

  4. Version 3
    Fully embedded AI assistant

    You can embed the AI assistant into your own workflows, e.g. into your email inbox.

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From 3-5 minutes to 30 seconds when searching for information in customer service.

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We are ISO-27001 certified, work with external DPOs and offer multiple LLM options to keep your data safe.

Your data stays confidential, and is not used to train models that aren't yours.

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Reliable, over and over again.

The blueprint for your use case.

We've been in the space of Natural Language Processing for many years before ChatGPT and pioneered open-source, data-centric AI. Solutions built on our platform follow IT, LLM and security best practices.

Enterprise LLM Service catalogue (ChatGPT-like assistants, LLM-enhanced workflows, …)
LLM Use Case, configurable via low-code designer
No-Code UI
API Endpoint
Secure Gateway, IT Best-Practices
Permissions, PII-Redaction
Cost Controls
Intent-Aware Routing
Retrieval Augmented Generation
Feedback and Confidence Scoring
Mindmap-like structure
Search indices
Automated data quality checks
Agnostic setups
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