How we view artificial intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence is one of the most important developments of our time. We believe that its biggest impact will be felt in the field of natural language processing, enabling new ways of interaction between humans and machines. It will impact how we search for information, how we get creative about new content, and ultimately how we get things done.

As large language models are becoming more and more powerful, we further believe that the next step is to make them more data-centric. This gives developers and scientists the superpower to control and shape the models to their needs. And for this to happen, data must finally be the first-class citizen in the world of NLP.

Our mission
Help you succeed in one of the most fascinating technology innovations of our time.

Our team

We are a rather small team, focusing on how modern natural language processing can shift how we view and interact with data.

Our work is based on very simple principals. When we built software, we think of the endusers first, and how we can help them to not only get their work done, but to do it in a way that sparks their creativity and curiosity.

Also, we see our product as more than a user interface attached to some backend. We believe that the product starts with the client's problem, and so we will always try to understand the problem first, and then see how we can help to solve it.


On a hot summer day in 2022

Our founders

are here to help you succeed with NLP

Henrik and Johannes started Kern AI during their master's degree at Hasso Plattner Institute, where they worked on modern natural language processing research. After having started a consultancy together in early 2020, they decided to build Kern AI as the data-centric developer platform for natural language processing to help companies turn their unstructured text into value.

Our investors

We are backed by leading investors in Europe.

If you are an investor (business angel or institutional) interested in speaking with our co-founder Johannes, please book a slot in the calendar.

Nicolas Peters

Co-Founder & Ex-CTO Signavio

Gerrit de Veer

Senior Vice President Sales MEE Signavio

Marcus Nagel

Ex-CEO Zurich Deutschland, Senior Advisor PE

Sebastian Heinz

CEO statworx

Julius Heinz

CFO statworx

Some numbers and the story so far

We raised 2,700,000€ venture capital in our seed round from leading investors in Europe.
Was the year we started Kern AI. Initially, we started as a consulting companies, and helped our clients to build their first AI models. We quickly realized that there was a need for a better way to build and manage especially the training data for these models. So we started to build refinery, our first product. After seeing its impact, we turned into a software company, and fully committed to building the best tools for NLP.
People are working at Kern AI. We are a small team, but we know how to work together efficiently, how to communicate, and how to get things done.
GitHub stars are currently attributed to our two open-source projects, refinery (0 stars) and bricks (0 stars). We are very proud of these projects, and we are happy to see that they are used by so many people.

Common use cases

  • Email automation
  • GPT-like content
  • Data-centric NLP


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