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Compliance management AI-assistant.

From real-time compliance queries, automated checks, and timely regulatory updates to efficient documentation and reporting, our compliance assistant facilitates a robust compliance framework.

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Real-Time Compliance Support

Improved Audit Readiness

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What you previously had to do.

  • Manual Data Collection and Analysis: Compliance personnel spend a substantial amount of time gathering data from various sources manually. They analyze this data to identify compliance issues, which is time-consuming and potentially error-prone.

  • Reactive Compliance Management: Without real-time insights, compliance management becomes a reactive process. Issues are often identified after they occur, and corrective actions might be delayed, increasing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

What this task now looks like.

  • Automated Data Collection and Analysis: The AI assistant automates the data collection and analysis process, identifying potential compliance issues quickly and accurately. This reduces the manual workload and allows for real-time insight into compliance status.

  • Proactive Compliance Management: With real-time insights provided by the AI assistant, compliance management becomes a more proactive process. Potential issues can be identified and addressed before they escalate, reducing the risk of non-compliance and aiding in a more effective compliance program.

Train from different data sources.

Data examples.

You can train your Generative AI assistant from different data sources. Here are some examples.

Regulatory Texts and Guidelines

Texts of laws, regulations, and guidelines from relevant regulatory bodies that the organization needs to comply with.

Internal Policies and Procedures

Documents outlining the organization's internal compliance policies, procedures, and standards.

Compliance Checklists and Assessments

Compliance Checklists and Assessments

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We are ISO-27001 certified, work with external DPOs and offer multiple LLM options to keep your data safe.

Your data stays confidential, and is not used to train models that aren't yours.

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We've been in the space of Natural Language Processing for many years before ChatGPT and pioneered open-source, data-centric AI. Solutions built on our platform follow IT, LLM and security best practices.

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