Use case.

Content generator assistant.

Effortlessly generate high-quality, brand-aligned content in seconds for use across multiple teams and various use cases, from marketing campaigns, sale communication and customer support.

Quality content instantly

Your benefits.

See what's in it for you.

Save hours of manual effort

Ensure brand consistency

Customizble to many use cases

What you previously had to do.

  • Hours of research or alignment with in-house experts

  • Content creation and the many iterations that happen

  • Review or improvements by various specialists & team members

What this task now looks like.

  • Instant knowledge to product and company knowledge

  • Rapid content creation that is knowledgable and on-brand

  • Real-time feedback for improvements across grammar, SEO etc.

Train from different data sources.

Data examples.

You can train your Generative AI assistant from different data sources. Here are some examples.

Brand guidelines

Ensure generated content is on brand and written in your company's style by feeding the assistant with your brand guidelines

Company & Product knowledge

Power your assistant with comprehensive product knowledge so generated content is relevant to your company and products.

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Further resources

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We are ISO-27001 certified, work with external DPOs and offer multiple LLM options to keep your data safe.

Your data stays confidential, and is not used to train models that aren't yours.

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We've been in the space of Natural Language Processing for many years before ChatGPT and pioneered open-source, data-centric AI. Solutions built on our platform follow IT, LLM and security best practices.

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Intent-Aware Routing
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Feedback and Confidence Scoring
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Automated data quality checks
Agnostic setups
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