Meet the team

Ambitious scientists and engineers

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End of July 2022 on a hot summer day

Our journey started as an AI consultancy at Hasso Plattner Institute, where we implemented various AI use cases, but almost always lacked the labeled data we wished for. That’s why we decided to build Kern AI. We believe that tools must not build boundaries, but create new opportunities for developers.

We're open source enthusiasts and believe that the best way to build a great product is to build it together with the community.

Our application is used by thousands of developers around the world and we're always looking for new contributors to help us build the best data science management tool.

Also, we believe that small teams can achieve great things. We keep things simple, but we're always looking for new team members. If you're interested in joining us, please get in touch.

Meet our founders

Two tech enthusiasts with a passion for data science, machine learning and open-source.

  • Johannes Hötter

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Johannes is responsible for product, including the roadmap for our open-source project and its commercial features. He is also responsible for the overall business strategy and revenues.

  • Henrik Wenck

    Co-Founder and COO

    Henrik is responsible for the overall operations of the company, including finance, legal, human resources, and ultimately customer success.