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Customer support
Customer support
You want to give your clients the best possible operational support. But how can you operate on high-frequency while stile ensuring that you're keeping up with customers' requirements? Future-proof your customer support by building your own pipeline using the 'Customer support' template.
  • Automatically route messages to the right department
  • Automatically gather granular information about the customer's problem
  • Use internal systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc.) to collect the data required to write an answer
  • Depending on the AI's confidence, automatically send the answer to the customer or send it to a human for review
Customer support
Take your customer support to the next level. Understand what your customers want to understand (both on high-level and on a granular level) and provide them with the best possible support.
NLP dashboards
Build dashboards that understand natural language. Identify characteristics and patterns that can only be retrieved via state-of-the-art AI.

Growing our team to grow our platform

We're hiring a Go-to-Market Manager to join our team!

Responsibility of this role is to drive the growth of the company by researching and defining use cases on top of our platform, and building a go-to-market strategy to reach out to potential customers.
In other words: working closely together with the founding team to add use cases to this gallery, e.g. in form of standalone products.
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If you need an integration that's not yet available, please let us know! We're happy to add it to our roadmap, and implement it with high priority.
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