Pricing that fits your needs

Start for free with our open-source option and scale with our managed cloud or enterprise version.
Our pricing is based on how many users you have and the amount of data you want to process.


Our core application comes for free, you can just install it on your machine via Docker.

Designed for single-user operations

Managed cloud

Managed for you on our scalable cloud, accelerated via GPU.

  • Multi-user capabilities
  • High availability and performance
  • Managed and monitored by us
  • Expert support


We'll deploy our solution on your premises and consult you to set up your project

  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Dedicated support

Labeling services

Do you want to outsource your labeling, and let your engineers use refinery as a mission control for your training data?
Reach out to us, so we can discuss how we can help you with your use case.