Ever growing workloads

Demanding customers, disruptive competitors and changing end-to-end compliance criteria are transforming the entire industry right now. AI is needed to address those challenges - and kern can help.
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We help you turn raw data into business value

Our system is an enabler to transform unlabeled texts, tables or images into AI training data.
So that your AI can be build inhouse within hours instead of months.
Shorter Development Cycles
With kern, we aim to drastically reduce the time needed to transform raw data into AI training data. This allows you to pursue more projects.
Auditable Data
Don’t want your AI to be a blackbox? Start with documenting the data! We do so automatically through enriching your data with metadata.
High-precision models
AI performance scales with the amount of high quality training data. We provide the foundation for such models within shortest time possible.

Designed for knowledge- intensive use cases

kern shines where other approaches fail. We enable data-driven use cases in numerous industries and domains.
Named Entity Recognition
Finding relevant information within unstructured texts.
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Sentiment Analysis
Understand people's emotions within large corpora of text.
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AI Modernization
Turning legacy code into a modernized AI solution within hours.
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Claims Processing
Extract and classify relevant entities to process claims faster.
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Become a data pioneer now

Algorithms aren’t the bottlenecks. It’s data. We shorten AI development from months to days by programmatically scaling your data labeling tasks.