Improve user <> assistant communication.

We ensure your assistant understands you correctly.

We optimize the communication between you and the assistants with easy-to-understand tooling that helps you correctly delegate tasks.

Transparent AI assistance.

Clearer communication with AI.

Benefit from the assistant's feedback to ensure clarity and mutual understanding.

Multi-LLM setup

Choose from multiple LLMs to pick the right fit for each specific task.

AI-enhanced filtering

The assistant suggests the most relevant filters to ensure trusted results in your document searches.

Similarity search

Go beyond keywords and find content similarities across all your documents.

Reference quality

With our quality estimation engine, the assistant informs you about the reliability of its provided references.

Question tips

The assistant offers insights to help refine and improve the questions you pose.

Use it as an API

Integrate our capabilities into your apps effortlessly with our robust API, boosting performance without the hassle.