Avoid expensive data pitfalls.

Connect your assistant to your refined data sources.

Crucial to the reliability of your AI assistant's responses is the data you feed into it. We ensure your data is clean and AI-ready.

Garbage in, garbage out.

For a reliable AI, you need top-notch data. We've got you.

Trusted by thousands of developers, our tool ensures your data is primed for the LLM.

Rich data modality

Handles multiple data types, from documents and websites to emails.

Automated and managed data labeling

Automatically label your data with our AI-powered labeling tool, or let annotators do the work for you.

Quality estimation

AI-powered insights to gauge and enhance your data quality. Do not poison your LLM with false data.

Designed for experiments

How should the data look like? How should it be connected to your LLM? Try out different configurations and see what works best.

Multiuser collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with secure multi-user support to streamline tasks.

Data workflows

Create custom workflows to ingest, transform and load data at scale. Scan data periodically to keep it up to date.