Conversational Ai

For both simple and complex messages

Build on top of your custom implementation or existing natural language understanding frameworks and feed your model better data using refinery. Works for simple one-liners, and even complex mails.

AI performance = 
model architecture + raw training data

With refinery, you can transform your raw data into training data in hours
- and continuously improve the quality of your data programmatically.
Shorter development cycles
Drastically reduce the time needed to transform raw data into AI training data. This allows you to iterate faster on your product development.
Auditable data
Don’t want your AI to be a blackbox? Start with documenting the data! We do so automatically through enriching your data with metadata.
High-precision models
AI performance scales with the amount of high quality training data. Build your models on a programmable data stack with refinery.

Build your AI with ease

refinery is an open-source developer tool, allowing you full customization for your task at hand.
Document Classification
Tag your documents with valuable metadata.
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Intent Classification
Automatically route questions from your clients.
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Urgency Detection
Find which messages are most urgent and quickly respond to them.
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Service Desk Automation
Streamline tasks and help clients more efficiently.
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