refinery x gates x workflow

Before jumping into the actual workflow features, this is a quick highlight of the synchronization and integration of the platform stack. If you use workflow, you can also access refinery projects via gates.

In workflow, you will find a models tab on the sidebar, which automatically synchronizes the projects from refinery. But to access and use these models, you have to do the following steps.

First, head over to gates and configure the model to run.

Second, head over to refinery and create an access token (this is only available in the cloud- or enterprise-self-hosted-version). There, you need to create a token with read and write-access, and copy the secret key after you created it. Make sure that this is in the project that you want to use, as tokens are project-specific!

Finally, head back to the workflow models tab and click on the model you want to integrate. Here, insert the secret key, and your model is added to the node catalogue.