Self-hosted version

Kern refinery is available as open-source, such that you can just install it on your local machine. The open-source version doesn't contain user management.

If you enjoy working with it, please consider giving us a GitHub star ⭐.

You can install the application via cloning our repository or via pip.


git clone

If you are on Mac/Linux:


If you are on Windows:


To stop the application, run ./stop (Mac/Linux) or stop.bat (Windows).


pip install kern-refinery

Once you've installed the app, run refinery start, which will pull the services and connects them. To stop the app, run refinery stop.

Now, you can go to localhost:4455, where you will see - after registering a user - the following screen:

From here, you can start by creating a project. We recommend trying the quick start of this documentation.