Kern AI vs ChatGPT.

How is a Generative AI assistant different from ChatGPT?

Compare the features of Kern AI and OpenAI.


Great for personal use.

  • GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 (included in Pro-subscription).

The Generative AI assistant to support you in your daily work.

  • Access to all LLMs via templates and low-code interface.

  • Options to improve data privacy.

  • Sophisticated data engine to cleanse and prepare your documents for LLM-usage.

  • Feedback from your AI assistant to improve human-AI collaboration (e.g. filtersets, question rephrasing, and more).

  • Insights into usage of both facts and questions.

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We are ISO-27001 certified, and have signed DPAs with LLM providers to keep your data safe.

Your data stays confidential, and is not used to train models that aren't yours.

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