Lean NLP Canvas

A simple tool to help you get plan your next NLP use case

Lean NLP Canvas

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Who is this for?

The canvas is designed for people involved in planning use cases for natural language processing in their company. This can be directors, process owners, domain experts or anyone else who is responsible for the success of a project.

What makes the Lean NLP Canvas special?

It is simple. That makes the canvas powerful. Of course, there are further questions to dive into, but the canvas is meant as a tool to help you plan and communicate quickly.

Lean NLP Canvas

Example: email intelligence

In this canvas, we dive into the [email protected] that every company has. We want to turn it from an unloved tool into a powerful communications channel with lots of potential for automation.

Example: content generation

In this canvas, we dive into call centers. A forefront of customer services, but also a place with lots of opportunities for automation. We show how voice-to-text in combination with NLP can help you gain deeper insights and help in operations.

Lean NLP Canvas

A few notes on the canvas

  • The canvas aims to bridge strategical and technical questions. Use it how you like; that is, if you want to add a KPI to the value proposition, do that.
  • Your canvas will be iterative. Don't aim for perfection right away.
  • Try to understand which challenges could come when you use the canvas.
  • The canvas is a tool. Not your answer. The relevant part is what happens when you work with it. It helps you gain an overview of questions that are relevant to ask, and potential obstacles.

If you need help filling out the canvas, or if you have any questions, feel free to .

Common use cases

  • Email automation
  • GPT-like content
  • Data-centric NLP


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