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We are looking for the most talented and ambitious people to join our team.

Natural language processing is growing into one of the biggest game changers in the world of software.
We are at the forefront of this evolution, and we are looking for you to join our team.
At Kern AI, we are passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems. Our team is made up of talented engineers, data scientists, and natural language processing experts who are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions.
We are constantly aiming to push the boundaries of what is possible with data and natural language processing, and we are always looking for like-minded individuals to join us on this journey. If you share our vision of a world where data is put into action, we invite you to join us and make a meaningful impact with Kern AI.
Values at Kern AI
We are makers, designers, engineers. We like getting our hands dirty and building things that could change how technology is used in the world. If you agree with the following values, we would love to hear from you.

Bias towards action

You make clear plans, and then execute. When you see a goal in sight, you sprint towards it. You are not afraid to fail, and you learn from your mistakes.

Creativity and innovation

You are not afraid to trust your gut, and push ideas forward when thinking of new ways to tackle existing problems.


You take initiative and take responsibility for your work. And you know there is a clear reason you are part of the team.


You put the team first, and you create together with colleagues. This means you are open to feedback, and you are willing to help others.

Kindness and empathy

You are kind to others, and you are empathetic. You are not afraid to ask for help, and you are willing to help others.

Curiosity and passion

You are curious about the world, and you are passionate about what you do. You are driven by a desire to learn and grow. And you share deep interest in technology and software.

Get together in Bonn

Perks and benefits
CET ± 2 hours
You can work from anywhere within CET ± 2 hours. We have an office in Bonn if you want to join on-site.
Equity for every full-time employee
Share in the success of the company. We offer equity to every full-time employee.
Competitive salary
We offer a competitive salary, based on your experience and skills.
Equipment of your choice
MacOS, Windows or Linux? You can choose the equipment that works best for you.
We help you grow
We pay for educational title, do internal learning sessions and help you grow as much as possible.
5 weeks of vacation
We offer 5 weeks of vacation every year, so you can take a break and recharge.
Amazing team
Working with a small team of highly passionate people is just incredible. You will be part of a great team.
You are not just one gear in a machine. You are a key part of the team, and you have a lot of responsibility.
What our team says
We collect feedback from our team to make sure we are on the right track. Here are the results from the last six months.
How happy are you with your role?
Are my work and efforts sufficiently appreciated?
Do I feel comfortable expressing my opinion at work and is it respected?
Do I know what is expected of me at work?
I have the feeling to have clear company goals ahead of me.
I know exactly what I do and my work is clearly defined.

As an employee of Kern AI, you experience start-up culture coupled with a high level of professionalism. You work in a supportive and motivated team to develop an exciting product. Fun is never neglected, so you simply have a really good time at work.

Felix Kirsch

Machine Learning Engineer

Working at Kern AI has allowed me to grow immensly both on a technical as well as on a personal level. A fantastic and caring team with lots of expertise and a deep love for what they do, paired with exciting and meaningful tasks. I just wish my colleagues weren't that good in Super Smash Bros (I just lose every damn time).

Leo Püttmann

Developer Advocate
Hiring process
  • Application
    Apply for the job in our job portal (see below)
  • Initial screening
    This is a short and informal chat with one of our team members (can be an employee or founder). We mainly want to get to know you and your background, and you can ask us initial questions you have.
  • Founder interview
    This is a ca 30 minute interview with one of our founders. We want to understand how you can help the team grow, what you are highly passionate about, and what is important to you.
  • Case study
    In this step, we will send you a case study, for which we will hire you as a contractor. You will have 72 hours to complete it. We will then schedule a call to discuss your solution.
  • Meet the team
    If you pass the case study, we will schedule a call with the team. Get to know your potential future colleagues, and get a feeling for what the team culture is like. If you want to, you can visit us in Bonn.
    Remote or onsite
  • Contract signing
    We will send you the contract with all the details. We will previously have discussed what is important to you, and will try to make sure you are happy with the proposed contract.
    Remote or onsite
  • Onboarding
    Welcome, you are now part of the team! We will schedule a call to discuss your onboarding, and how the first two weeks will look like, and what you can expect.
    Remote or onsite


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