Text Classification

Social Listening

Analyze social media and realize what's mentioned about your company.

What is your community talking about your company on social media like Twitter? It provides a vast amount of information which could be used by your Marketing, Sales or Product teams. However, due to its unstructured nature, it is difficult to analyze the data efficiently.

This is where Machine Learning classifiers and extractors can help to understand the topics discussed at scale. Building them, however, requires already labeled texts, that can be used to teach the algorithms. With kern, we help you to cut down the effort for this from months to hours using labeling functions, pre-trained models, active transfer learning and crowd labeling. We also enrich your records, so you can manage data efficiently and maintain high data quality.

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Algorithms aren’t the bottlenecks. It’s data. We shorten AI development from months to days by programmatically scaling your data labeling tasks.