Text Classification

Service Desk Automation

Streamline tasks and help clients more efficiently.

Handling customer messages can become really difficult when they come in large loads and require skilled employees in your customer service. Building a preprocessor to analyze the messages beforehand they are send to the support can help them to streamline the tasks and help clients more efficiently, increasing the customer’s statisfaction.

Building such preprocessors however often requires large amounts of labeled training data, which in many cases can’t be outsourced for labeling. This is where refinery is helping you to scale your data labeling while maintaining data quality. For instance, with help of high-level classifiers and third parties, your texts are analyzed for communication style, keywords or pre-classified with help of pretrained models. Active Transfer Learning is used in our application to integrate further implicit data-specific patterns, which are ultimately combined with our intelligent information integration. This way, you get full insights into your data, can improve the quality and quantity, and build better models.

refinery is free and open-source, so try it now. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to us.

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