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Sales Insights

Understand CRM comments and boost your sales.

Your CRM systems contain valuable information about your prospects, but chances are high that you don’t make the most value out of what the data has to offer. For instance, notes on calls with prospects can contain reasons why they haven’t bought your product or service yet. Aggregated over your sales funnel, this can provide you with insights to close further deals, or to prepare future sales calls to convert more leads.

Of course, such models require plenty of training data, which is mostly hard to acquire due to the lack of labeling resources. Additionally, such data is mostly sensitive, such that you don’t want to outsource it. With kern, you can remove this bottleneck easily. Our system is designed to label data on large-scale within hours instead of weeks, and helps you to maintain a high data quality.

If you’re interested in trying kern, you can sign up for our free version. If you have any questions along the way, let us know and we’re more than happy to help!

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Algorithms aren’t the bottlenecks. It’s data. We shorten AI development from months to days by programmatically scaling your data labeling tasks.