Text Classification

Request Categorization

Classify intents of requests to structure them and improve your product planning.

If you are building a product or are working on some Open Source technology, you will most likely receive requests from your users. They are asking for further features, report bugs or potential documentation issues. In version control systems such as GitHub, users can assign these categories themselves - but often times forget to do so, or choose the wrong label.

Scaling unlabeled requests and improving upon already labeled ones, you can build fascinating models that help your product team to gain insights into how to improve user experience. But to build such a solution, you need plenty of time, as the data effort is quite large. With kern, we provide you with a system that helps you cut effort from weeks to hours by applying modern techniques such as Weak Supervision for information integration and Active Transfer Learning.

If you are interested in using kern, it comes with a free version. Give it a try, if you run into issues we’re here to help.

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