Structured Classifications

Outbound Classification

Detect potential high leads and boost your sales.

Sales is about finding and converting leads that are interested in your product or service for good reasons - especially when it comes to high-value sales. A good strategy is needed, with tailored markets, buyers and users.

When it comes to sales, outbound methods are heavily used. This is a sales-rep writing an email to a potential client; it’s an investor wanting to find out more about a certain startup; it’s a data scientist that wants to understand which company might be the most interesting as a next potential employer. Those outreaches are not random, and whether a sale happens or not can often times be analyzed beforehand based on the available data. Why not use this to focus your outreach, and make extra effort for the most interesting opportunities?

For instance, B2B-focused companies can gather data about companies of a certain market in the web. They use such information to provide their sales-reps with data to reach out to them. But not each of the entries in those lists are actually interesting for the company. And for potential A-segment clients, they should make an extra effort. This is an excellent opportunity for Supervised Learning methods to shine bright, as they can classify and sort leads by importance, increasing the overall chance for sales conversion at shorter time.

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