Image Data

Image Classification

Classifying images on large scale.

kern was initially meant to work mostly for text and semistructured data, as many applications in NLP are a perfect fit for labeling functions. Over time, however, we realized that images can also very well be characterized using various information sources. When applying kern to your images, you can use high-level ML models to enrich your records with valuable metadata, such as the time of day or structures of an image. Also, with our active transfer learning methodology, you can easily build precise custom models for your labeling, and improve on them using labeling functions. Last, we also drive crowd labeling on-demand for human heuristics. This way, you can scale your data labeling, and simultaneously improve your data management. All within one tool.

If you’re interested in trying out kern for images, send us a message or try it yourself with our free version. We’re also more than happy to help you with your use case, and support you in enriching your images accordingly.

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