Text Classification

Document Positions Classification

Identify process-relevant characteristics within document positions.

Processing large amounts of documents is key to most organizations. In industries like insurance and banking, most of customer-facing service desk inboxes can consist of OCR-scanned documents. Those scanned documents consist of multitask classifications, which need to be combined to correctly validate a document. For instance, insurance companies have to validate whether invoices are correct, and to do so have to check multiple criteria.

Machine Learning can be really helpful here, to parse for instance positions in such documents. It leads to maximum customizability, even if the used OCR system does not provide such features. However, building those features can be cumbersome due to lack of labeled training data. This is where kern shines as a data prep and data management system, helping you to build the data you need within hours, not weeks. Various information sources (such as labeling functions, regular expressions, production models, active transfer learning oder 3rd party applications) are automatically integrated in a way that provides you with large-scale, high-quality training data.

If you’re interested in trying kern: It comes with a free version. Try it now, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our world-class support any time. We’re more than glad to help you along the way!

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