Text Classification

Document Classification

Tag your documents with valuable metadata.

Document classification is the digital analogy to a document receiving some kind of stamp, and is key to many applications in companies, especially if the documents are of complex structure and have a large workload. This is why Data Scientists try to improve such processes, to reduce manual effort and repetitive tasks.

However, for use cases, in which there is no digital history spanning multiple years, it can be quite difficult to build the needed datasets. And even if labeled datasets (or non-ML solutions) exists, the quality of such isn’t always the best possible. refinery is designed and programmed to address these very issues, i.e. building and managing large-scale datasets within hours instead of weeks or months.

If you’re interested in trying refinery, send us a message or try out our open-source version. We’re more than happy to help you along the way to build the best possible AI for your challenges.

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