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Content Moderation

Identify quality of content and act on poor quality fast.

Managing content on websites has become an evermore increasing complex task, as amongst others communities begin to publish their own content online while content marketing. Making sure that the content is of high-quality can be for instance to validate that images are with high resolution, address the topic of a text, or aren’t rude to other members of the community.

To make this task easier, Machine Learning can be used to assist in Content Moderation, e.g. by highlighting potential low-quality threads or posts. However, building the datasets for such is time-consuming and expensive. With kern, we provide a solution that helps you build and manage large-scale training data within hours instead of weeks, so that you can build the best classifiers.

If you’re interested in trying out kern, register for our free version. If you have any questions along the way, reach out to us.

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