Text Extraction

Claims Processing

Extract and classify relevant entities to process claims faster.

When processing Claims, various entities need to be extracted from the customer-provided data. These include for instance involved parties, loss amount or the policyholder. Whether this information comes via raw text, in documents or any other data source, it is important to capture the entities from the unstructured data.

Why is that important? Customers are being used to omnichannel-interactions, and still want a great end-to-end experience. This is difficult, as such an experience is depending amongst others on short processing times and well-informed support. With kern, custom-tailored solutions can be build in short time. Claims and customer-facing services can be augmented to shorten processing times, inform clients based on the unstructured data they have provided (e.g. if further data is needed to process the claim), reduce manual errors and ultimately save money while improving customer satisfaction.

Want to give it a try? kern comes with a free version, so you can easily try it out yourself. We also provide in-depth support and are more than happy to guide you to successful implementations.

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