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AI Modernization

Turning legacy code into a modernized AI solution within hours.

Supervised Learning is fascinating as algorithms can be improved over time by adding further training samples. Why not make use of this to transform your legacy system into an AI-assisted system with our AI modernization?

With kern, modernizing your rule-based systems becomes a no-brainer, as you already have plenty of labeling functions. Go from simple rules, ontologies, lookup tables and many other common approaches to a self-learning alternative within days. Gain immediate quality improvements and make your IT-landscape future-proof by switching to a data-centric approach with us.

Want to give kern a try? It comes with a free edition - and we’re more than happy to help anytime if you run into issues or need guidance.

Become a data pioneer now

Algorithms aren’t the bottlenecks. It’s data. We shorten AI development from months to days by programmatically scaling your data labeling tasks.