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Our technology is built and researched with leading experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Statistics and Human-centered Development. We aim to contribute towards data-centric AI.
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Our journey started as an AI consultancy at Hasso Plattner Institute, where we implemented various AI use cases, but almost always lacked the labeled data we wished for. That’s why we decided to build Kern AI. We believe that tools must not build boundaries, but create new opportunities for developers.
Henrik Wenck
Co-Founder, Operations (COO)
Johannes Hötter
Co-Founder, Product (CEO)
Anton Pullem
Customer Success
Lina Lumburovska
Frontend Developer
Moritz Feuerpfeil
Data Scientist
Leo Püttmann
Data Scientist
Simon Degraf
Software Architect
Felix Kirsch
Machine Learning Engineer
Jens Wittmeyer
Chief Technology Officer
Mikhail Kochikov
Cloud Engineer
Simon Witzke
Technical Advisor
Shamanth Shetty
Intern Business Development

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